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App for tablet and smartphones

«Let's draw»


Kit^n^Kate Let's Draw is the perfect mix of creative development and absolute fun for your early learner. Your child will never be bored with the seemingly endless possibilities our various features offer. Studies after studies have shown the numerous behavioral and educational benefits of introducing your child to art at an early age. Our coloring and painting features introduce your early learner to the amazing world of art as well as teach them its basics.


• Our painting and coloring features allows your little Picasso to enjoy expressing themselves while also developing their motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
• The various painting modes lets your child either use their fingers to paint or easily paint with the touch of a button.
• An exclusive Kit^n^Kate episode is included with each purchase, don't forget to turn up the sound for optimal fun!


All Apps can be purchased by grown-ups online at the iTunes and Google.Play stores.